Photo: Jonny Spyrou

Wooze blast through dejection with boisterous bravado on “Bittersweet Timpani”

Mischievous London duo WOOZE are back with a new single called “Bittersweet Timpani” – and that excellent pun of a title is just the start of its infectious silliness. They say:

“A song about walking home alone, dejected and rejected. We thought the pitiful, pity-party lyrics would juxtapose nicely with the muscular glam-rock bravado of the music.”

Never ones to shy away from going big, WOOZE have provided their sad-sack stagger home with a big, bold riff, reminiscent of Electric Six’s chart-smashing greats. The sheer strength of the fuzzed-up backing and growling chorus turns their dejected slouch into a catwalk strut, muscles bristling as they sing about how “sobbing alone to sound of timpani”. The lyrics are full of woe, but the sonics are primed for a 100mph sunshine drive, top down, speakers blasting, no fucks given. It’s quite the combo, and it’s deadly addictive.

Listen to “Bittersweet Timpani” below or on your preferred platform.

“Bittersweet Timpani” is out on Young Poet. You can find WOOZE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

You can see WOOZE at these festivals:

08/07 – Pohoda, Slovakia
17/07 – Welcome to the village, Netherlands
05/08 – Wilderness Festival, UK