Photo: Santiago Dietche

Sun June announce expanded version of album, share dreamy new track “Easy”

Fresh of the release of their acclaimed 2021 album Somewhere, Austin band Sun June have announced they will be releasing an expanded version of the record. Somewhere +3 will be out January 14th 2022 via Run For Cover Records, and much like the title implies, will feature the original album plus three new unreleased cuts. One such new track is “Easy”, which the band have now released. Of “Easy” vocalist Laura Colwell said:

‘Easy’ is a romantic struggle song. It’s about love and partnership and longstanding arguments that are hard to get past. We started working on it after quarantine was lifted. Everyone had been cloistered alone for months, so frustration was easy to tap into. At the same time, it was joyous and cathartic to play together again, so the song came out upbeat and optimistic too. We loved getting to return to Good Danny’s studio to record — it was easy to find the sounds we wanted and get back into the Somewhere vibe.

Like the title suggests, “Easy” is something of a simple listen: press play and the track just drifts by and around you, like a delicate, nostalgia-inducing perfume wrapping surrounding you. Colwell’s lyrics are equally wrapped up in a hazy half-remembered feel. “Want it to be simple / Eyes to the light then times / Picture of you laughing / A sign of life, 1995,” she sings, her words like watercolours mixing on paper. Wrapped up in dreamy guitars that are eking out the last strains of a summer sun, the whole thing makes for a delicate and delightfully uncomplicated four minutes.

Check out the lyrics video for “Easy” below or stream it via your preferred method.

Somewhere +3 is out January 14 2022 on Run For Cover Records. Stay up to date with Sun June via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.