Photo: Alex McDonnel

Field Medic longs for the bottle on the bittersweet “i think about you all the time”

Field Medic’s new album is arriving in October and after the gloom-pop of “i had a dream that you died” he today shares a second single called “i think about you all the time”. He reveals:

‘i think about you all the time’ is a love song to alcohol & younger days. It’s a sort of sequel to my song ‘i will not mourn who i was that has gone away’. I was struggling in my sobriety with some difficult life situations and wished I had the option of pressing the off switch that binge drinking has afforded me in the past.

“I had just written a song called ‘I hate being sober’, which was a pretty negative way to frame the subject, so I set out to make a song that spoke of my longing in a way that sounded light & sweet. I wanted it to sound like a love song so it could speak to anyone who’s missing anything, be it a person or, in my case, a substance.”

Without knowing that it’s about alcohol, “i think about you all the time” could easily pass a straight-ahead loved-up song of longing. It’s filled with forlorn and wistful imagery like “you tumble like an acrobat through my mind” and “when I hear your voice in a whisper / to me it feels like leisure”, delivered over a surging melody that suggests hopefulness rather than self-destruction. He hints at the darker side when he admits “I’m all twisted up like MC Escher / can’t find my way out”, but even that could be attributed to the bamboozling nature of infatuation. This one is primed to slide on to your next mixtape for your crush – just don’t tell them what it’s really about.

Listen to “i think about you all the time” below or find it on streamers.

Field Medic’s new album grow your hair… is out on October 14 through Run For Cover (pre-order/save). You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.