Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

Camp Cope wear their love like a chain on the bruised confessional “Jealous”

Australian trio Camp Cope are releasing their third album Running With The Hurricane this Friday, March 25, and with the title track and “Blue” already out in the world they’ve shared one final teaser called “Jealous”.

Songs about jealousy are not uncommon in rock and pop, but few are as honest and painful as Camp Cope’s new one. Georgia Maq poetically but pointedly puts her feelings out in the open, even as she knows they’re not getting reciprocated in the way she desires; “I’m getting eaten alive out here but I’ll do it again for you.” She continues reminiscing about things she did for her former flame even though she didn’t like it, admits that she’s spending nights mulling over their defunct relationship; it’s no wonder she compares describes her jealousy as a chain she has to drag around. As ever, while the subject matter is weighty, Camp Cope keep it light and powerful in the way they make it glide, Sarah Thompson’s drumming holding it up while Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich’s bass is the harmonic, melodic core of the song. It ensures that, while Maq is spewing her deepest confessions, we know she is protected within the safe and powerful space that is Camp Cope.

Listen to “Jealous” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Camp Cope’s new album Running With The Hurricane is out on March 25 through Run For Cover (pre-order/save). Follow them on Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook.