Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

Camp Cope saunter back into our lives with the empathetic anthem “Blue”

Australian trio Camp Cope have returned with their first new music since 2018’s excellent How To Socialise & Make Friends. The new song is called “Blue” and is the first glimpse of the band’s third album, which will arrive in 2022.

“Blue” finds Camp Cope toning down the sonic intensity, but dialling up the emotional resonance, especially in the tasteful use of harmonies. Georgia Maq’s voice is still a blunderbuss, but here she uses it to express her care and empathy for someone, maintaining its power even while adapting it to a more careworn situation – “if you want to take off, baby / you do you”. The trio’s instrumental work knots together into a beautifully scrappy bow, perfectly emphasising their own brand of outsider affection. One that shows a new maturity for Camp Cope, “Blue” is ready to slide right into their arsenal of throat-scraping singalongs.

Listen to “Blue” below or on your preferred platform.

“Blue” is out on Run For Cover. News about Camp Cope’s new album can’t be too far away – for now follow them on Instagram and Facebook.