Photo: Dylan Rebecca Keith

Sprain express their lumpen numbness on the sprawling “Constant Hum”

A month ago Sprain announced the release of their debut album for September with the charged “Worship House”, and this week they’ve shared another cut from the upcoming record called “Constant Hum”. The new track is 10 minutes long and set to be the closer of As Lost Through Collision.

Where “Worship House” was tightly wound, “Constant Hum” is completely unspooled, dragging with a wretched gait across its runtime. Vocalist Alex Kent sings in unreservedly nihilistic tones and language: “It is simple math / As time subtracts us all / Obsolete / Constant / Comforting / Ending / And we’re all swimming in / An endless pool of constant hum.” The instrumental mirrors this feeling of weighty uselessness with screeching guitars and a drawn-out approach, giving us a full and bitter taste of the mental punishment the singer is feeling. “Constant Hum” doesn’t so much build up to its screaming finale as collapse into it after a protracted downward spiral – and yet, it still feels as cathartic as anything else you’re likely to hear this week.

Sprain’s debut album As Lost Through Collision will be released on September 4 through The Flenser. You can follow the band on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.