Photo: Jennifer Zsigo

Cremation Lily finds release in a vortex of overwhelming sensation on “Selfless”

London musician Zen Zsigo originally started Cremation Lily back in 2009 as a way to work through different ideas surrounding sample-based ambient music, but the project has grown in the intervening years, incorporating aspects of shoegaze, noise, industrial, and power electronics. 

He signed to The Flenser late last year and recently announced the release of a new record called Dreams Drenched in Static, which is due out April 15. 

Lead single, “Selfless”, is a rush of enveloping noise, a rhythmic blur possessing a great gravity that presses down on the listener. It presents a vision of ambient music that feels proactive, filled with clanging atmospheric drones and lyrics that act as rhythmic counterpoints rather than exploring a sustained narrative. Eventually, the track explodes in a riot of subsuming electronics which seem determined to obliterate the surrounding environment. But this is no shallow grind into the darker recesses of his chosen genres — “Selfless” allows Zsigo the opportunity to examine the euphoria that can come from this kind of overwhelming sensory experience. Despite its density, there is a lightness here that balances out the heavier moments.

You can listen to the track below and pre-order the album here.

Cremation Lily’s new album Dreams Drenched in Static is due out April 15 via The Flenser. Keep up to date with the artist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.