LA art-punks Sprain announce debut album with the gnarled “Worship House”

Sprain are a quartet from Los Angeles who put out a self-titled EP in 2018. They have now signed to bastion of brilliance The Flenser, who will release their debut album As Lost Through Collision on September 4. The band say:

“This record was a conscious effort to move beyond the initial style we experimented with on our last EP into something more unique — something more ‘us.’”

Lead single “Worship House” certainly gives us a good long look at who Sprain are – and it’s both thrilling and terrifying. Rooted in emo and post-punk, Sprain push through the gears across the five minutes of “Worship House”, using tension-and-release technique at its most elastic and unforgiving. “Worship House” gradually gains momentum as emotion builds, Alex Kent’s wails bouncing off chunky bass, until it spirals into wild saxophone-skronk imbued carnage for its fiery finale.

Sprain’s debut album As Lost Through Collision comes out on September 4 through The Flenser. You can follow the band on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.