Photo: Benjakon

Sophia Kennedy taps into adolescent anxieties on the polychromatic “Cat On My Tongue”, announces new album

We highlighted Sophia Kennedy as one of the artists we were most excited to hear from in 2021, and today she has brought us the news we were anticipating: she will release her new album Monsters on May 7 through City Slang. Following on from the superb “Orange Tic Tac” she has shared a new single from the record called “Cat On My Tongue”, saying:

“The song is a movie-like bold teenage rebel story – like the world of the Shangri-Las and Lovers-Rock combined with psychedelic Hip Hop – but to me, the real star of the song is the melody. It has this bright addictive Beam and it makes me feel good. It makes me feel so good, as if I’m sliding down the rainbow with no clothes on, while waving to tiny little angel babies.”

Although “Cat On My Tongue” may find Kennedy in rebellious mood, the words dwell more in that tongue-tied teenage feeling of being in the presence of someone who makes you blush. Flipping between throwback whisper-spoken confessions and a gregarious unburdening of her heart, she presents a truly charming portrait of someone who is smitten and can’t stop smiling. Combining a simple booming beat with effervescently layered tones of pinwheeling synths, looping vocal samples and even crackling thunder, “Cat On My Tongue” brings us to a point of supernatural sensory overload – in the best way possible. “Sliding down the rainbow with no clothes on, while waving to tiny little angel babies,” indeed.

Watch the video for “Cat On My Tongue” by Rosanna Graf below.

Sophia Kennedy’s new album Monsters is out on May 7 through City Slang. Watch the excellent trailer for it below. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.