Photo: Gepa Hinrichsen

DJ Koze delivers the interstellar techno production “Wespennest” featuring Sophia Kennedy

DJ Koze has revealed plans for a new 12″ single arriving on July 28 that will feature two new tracks “Wespennest” and “Candidasa”. They are the result of Koze’s inspiring stay in a secluded Benedictine monastery on the enchanting island of Sulawesi.

He has today shared the A-side of the single, “Wespennest”, which features regular collaborator and fellow BPM favourite Sophia Kennedy. Across eight-minutes of impeccable beats, Koze works his magic by sliding different textured synths in and out of the picture, diversifying approach without heading anywhere off course – only into the realm of the irresistible. It’s anything but the “wasp nest” of its title – unless these are wasps that provide aurally amusing sonic kisses rather than stings.

Listen to “Wespennest” below or find it on your preferred streamer.

“Wespennest” is out on Pampa. You can find DJ Koze on Facebook and Instagram.