Sophia Kennedy recreates the paralytic Lambo scene from Wolf of Wall Street in the video for “I Can See You”

Sophia Kennedy is releasing her new album Monsters in May, and today she shares the third single from it with an amazing video, which recreates that scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street where a drugged-out DiCaprio urgently needs to drive home. We already saw her incredible physicality in the video for “Orange Tic Tac”, so it comes as no surprise that she commits and pulls off this one. The director, Timo Schierhorn, says:

“I’ve been trying to reenact the Lambo scene for a music video for a few years now. The idea was very well received by various bands, but the male performers were always afraid to compete with Leo’s acting skills. Sophia is the best cast we could have asked for in this remake.”

And Sophia adds: “The song is about overcoming and confrontation and also about the euphoria that can arise from a supposed defeat. That’s why this video concept felt like a good fit. Musically it was intended to be powerful while the voice seems to have fallen out of time. Vocally I orientated myself a bit on the wonderful Karen Dalton in the verse, she has the great ability to combine abysmal, melancholy and hope in one.”

At first it seems odd to pair a sweet pop song of determination with such unhealthy behaviour, but if anyone can merge the two ideas, it’s Sophia Kennedy. That the video manages to both show off her incredible acting and musical skills is a feat – Hollywood will surely be calling any moment.

Sophia Kennedy’s new album Monsters is out on May 7 through City Slang (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.