Scottish songwriter Raveloe expresses the painful beauty of change in “Catkins”

Raveloe is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Kim Grant, who grew up in the industrial Scottish town Motherwell. Now living in Glasgow, she has made a strong start to her musical career in 2021, with the release of a debut EP and a further single – but is not stopping there. Today she shares another new single called “Catkins”, named after the fluffy-looking flowers, a sighting of which sent her down a train of thought about change, which resulted in this song.

She says: “When I spotted the catkins, I thought of their temporality and how their presence marked a change and the birth of spring, which led me into thinking of the nature of time in general. 

“This song is about the nature of time/change and is also largely connected with moving through and beyond trauma and pain by showing yourself compassion, learning to be honest with yourself and others and processing it layer by layer.”

Impressively, Raveloe brings a full band sound to “Catkins”, but manages to maintain the feeling of sitting in the same room with her as she sings. And yet, with lightly booming drums and quickly-shifting bass underscoring her billowing guitar and humbly soaring voice – it’s anthemic. This fulsome stream of gorgeous indie provides perfect support to her lyrical meditation, in which she uses vivid snatches of images and emotions to express the pleasure-pain of time’s moving ever onwards. A song that enfolds a multitude of poignant ideas into an unsuspectingly blissful package, “Catkins” is a sign that there’s much more to come from Raveloe.

Watch the video for “Catkins” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Catkins” is out on Olive Grove Records. With more to come from Raveloe, make sure to follow her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.