Illustration by Iris Priest

Richard Dawson & Circle take us on a historic botanical journey in the epic “Methuselah”

Richard Dawson & Circle have shared a new single and video called “Methuselah”, taken from their upcoming collaborative album Henki. It follows on from lead single “Poppy” and is another vivid tale.

Each of the songs on Henki is named after a plant, and “Methuselah” is named after the world’s oldest living tree – or what once was. The eight-minute track begins by lurching along on tight guitars and describing the voyage of botanist Donald Currey, who went in search of “Methuselah” in the White Mountains – and then felled it by accident. “Only when it was dead did he know he had what he was looking for,” they tease – and then the song explodes into a gallavanting rocker.

“I’m on the edge / I’m on the edge” Dawson wails, meaning it both metaphorically and literally as he inhabits Currey who is on the edge of a mountain and at the edge of his sanity. From there, Dawson & Circle approach hair metal levels of theatricality, as he makes his escape from the mountain – only to end up in nightmares full of lightning and wolf packs. They cap it off by describing Prometheus sowing the seed for civilisation. It’s a true epic.

Watch the video for “Methuselah” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Richard Dawson & Circle’s Henki comes out on November 26 through Weird World (pre-order).

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