Portishead finally release their spooky cover of ABBA’s “SOS”

There were many visually and audibly arresting moments in Ben Wheatley’s 2015 film High-Rise, but perhaps the most hair-raising was the needle drop on Portishead‘s surprising and chilling cover of ABBA‘s classic “SOS”. Dismayingly and frustratingly, the song has never been officially available outside of the film.

That is, until now. In a seemingly randomly timed decision, Portishead have finally made their version of “SOS” available to hear outside of High-Rise – the catch being that the only place it’s available is on SoundCloud. On the bright side, the release of the song comes in tandem with a pledge from both Portishead and Soundcloud to donate to MIND, the mental health charity.

Listen to Portishead’s “SOS” below, and see the band’s brief statement about it beneath.