Photo: Zoe Prinds-Flash

Poliça return with the coiling, foreboding “Alive”, announce new album

It may be (more than) a tired sentiment, but it bears repeating here: time sure does fly. When this writer first became familiar with Poliça, they were fresh off the release of their debut album, playing a tiny show in a local Atlanta bar. Suffice to say, they’ve experienced a glow up across the last decade. That’s right, their fifth proper studio album is set to arrive just over 10 years after Give You the Ghost.

Titled Madness, if the project’s first single is any indication, it’s a fitting name for the album: “Alive” spirals with tense life, feeling like an ascent into some futuristic pinnacle, or, (to go full nerd) something that’d be a fitting soundtrack for one’s first plunge into Oblivion in Bethesda’s masterpiece of the same name. It’s a pulsating, sinewy mass of seething emotions and sounds, and among the band’s boldest statements to date.

Speaking about the track, singer Channy Leaneagh says: “Bad things happen, the fire goes out; even with the best flammables it stays dark until nothing matters becomes the fire itself.”

Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

Poliça’s Madness comes out on June 3 through Memphis Industries (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.