Photo: Sophie Jouvenaar

Mush express their weirdness in “Get On Yer Soapbox”, announce new album

Leeds band Mush have revealed they’ll release a new album called Down Tools on July 8 through Memphis Industries, quickly following up last year’s Lines Redacted. They’ve shared a new single called “Get On Yer Soapbox” to go with the news, with singer Dan Hyndman saying:

“‘Get On Yer Soapbox’ is a righteous wig-out number, like “Alternative Facts” but with more cowbell. All the solos are improvised and I very much doubt I will ever be able to recreate them live, you can hear the track going off the rails which is something I’ve found exciting on records. Lyrically again it’s a kind of re-purposing of an old idiom which I like to do. Generally being ‘on your soapbox’ is considered to be a bit of a slur but I think a bit of self-righteousness is warranted from time to time, especially with the shower of shite we’re dealing with”.

A twanging jaunt from moment one, “Get On Yer Soapbox” bounds along like someone with plenty to say – though they’re not quite sure what they’ll say just yet. That doesn’t stop Hyndman from goofily tossing off references to ACAB and burning effigies, and generally the track seems to promote the idea that everyone should make their opinons heard. It sounds like a chaotic idea, and that’s kind of where “Get On Yer Soapbox” winds up, the interwoven twang of guitars gradually coiling into an electrified thicket of sounds – but the rhythm section remains bobbing throughout, keeping the whole thing buoyant as it grows more lovably unkempt.

Listen to “Get On Yer Soapbox” below or on streaming platforms.

Mush’s new album Down Tools is out on July 8 through Memphis Industries (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.