Barbarossa overcomes on the understated anthem “Make It Through”

Barbarossa is the musical moniker of Margate-based singer, songwriter and producer James Mathé. He’s starting to build towards the release of a new album to follow up 2018’s Lier, and today shares a new track called “Make It Through”. He says:

“‘Make It Through’ is about dealing with failures or challenges you are confronted with in life. When you are feeling overwhelmed at the challenges life has dealt you but somehow the support system around you – whoever or whatever that may be – give you the courage to persevere. Sometimes you even find another gear or inner strength you didn’t know you had to overcome.”

“Make It Through” is a subtle wonder, as its understated electronic backing immediately draws us into Barbarossa’s interior life. Here, we hear him crooning a message of overcoming, simple but unwavering: “obviously think I can make it through.” This glow of this belief continues to grow with Barbarossa’s double-tracked, harmonising voice becoming more substantial, until “Make It Through” reaches its zenith with a wondrous flourish to finish – the sound of having achieved through pure self-belief.

Hopefully there will be news about a new Barbarossa album coming soon. For now you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.