Photo: Phoebe Phox

Phoebe Green finds self-acceptance on the gliding indie pop number “Golden Girl”

We last heard from Manchester-based indie artist Phoebe Green in June with the excellent “Reinvent”, but she returns today with news of a new EP: it’s called I Can’t Cry For You and arrives in December via Chess Club. She’s also shared a new song called “Golden Girl”, saying:

“‘Golden Girl’ is about realising that being alone can be absolutely crucial when it comes to self growth. It’s about accepting the fact that total perfection is completely unattainable, so desperately trying to meet that standard in every aspect of my life – especially my relationships – will never not leave me feeling like I’ve failed. I had to just surrender to the fact that I’m a bit of a fucking nightmare from time to time, and pretending that part of me doesn’t exist is exhausting.”

Despite the turbulent self-judgement at the emotional crux of the song, “Golden Girl” plays like a smooth and slick jam. Green’s turmoil is at the fore from the start, her voice conveying her exhaustion at trying to mould herself into being something she’s not. She reaches acceptance of the fact that she’s “never gonna be a golden girl” in the song’s gliding chorus, which evokes classic radio sounds with its power-pop harmonies and eminently sing-alongable melody. As “Golden Girl” swings into its final hurrah, Green repeats the central realisation of her never becoming perfect, and turns it from an admission of defeat into a resounding and confident moment of acceptance.

“Golden Girl” also comes accompanied by a video created with Harvey Frost & Rory Chapman, which you can watch below.

Phoebe Green’s new EP I Can’t Cry For You will be released on December 3 via Chess Club Records.

You can find Phoebe Green on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.