Photo: Marieke Macklon

Phoebe Green shares the chrysalis pop jam “Reinvent”

Following the double smash of singles “Dreaming Of” and “Easy Peeler” last year, we’ve had to wait a little while for more from rising Manchester songwriter Phoebe Green, but she delivers the goods today with a new track called “Reinvent”. About the song, Green says:

“‘Reinvent’ is one of those songs where the meaning differs depending on the mood I’m in when I listen to it. When I wrote the lyrics I’d come to the end of a really exhausting period of people pleasing; for a very long time I was of the belief that if I could make everybody like me then maybe I’d be happier. I’ve since come to terms with the fact that that’s not how it works! Currently the song depicts the process of figuring out how much of myself I’m willing to give, and learning to accept the fact that regardless of my efforts, some people will like me and some people won’t, I can’t control it either way.”

Green kicks off the song in a way that immediately makes us feel like we know her: “I used to pride myself on honesty and being a good friend / But now I hate the thought of conversation and having to pretend / that I’m interested in what advice you feel the need to offer.” Her sing-spoken approach relays the deflation she’s feeling, while a bubbling bass synth suggests there’s a more passionate emotion welling up inside her. This comes spewing over in chorus where she simply intones “I reinvent myself… again” – but polychromatic synths and even hints of brass suggest that there’s a whole world of possibility in that decision. It’s unsurprising that Green says the song’s meaning differs depending on mood, because you can certainly take away different takes from “Reinvent” – either that she’s gratefully welcoming a new version of herself, or that she’s forcefully moulding herself into a new person to fit in – and either way it’s just as powerful.

You can watch the lyric video for “Reinvent” below or listen on streaming platforms.

“Reinvent” is out now on Chess Club Records. You can find Phoebe Green on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.