Photo: Chloe Carrasco

Palberta turn a Sunday stroll into delightful indie-pop on “Corner Store”

Indie-pop trio Palberta recently shared “Before I Got Here”, the first glimpse of their new album Palberta5000, which arrives in January. Today they’re sharing a second preview single called “Corner Store”, saying:

“It culminated in this final version once we discovered that it needed an a capella breakdown that would slowly bring us back into the groove. Though it’s a classic Palberta move to fit in a 3-part harmony whenever we get the chance, it felt crucial. This song tells a story about strolling to the corner store, a sacred place we all know and love, on a Sunday afternoon to meet your friend and you see them on the front of the Sunday Times. And once they arrive, you do a double take and say to them, ‘hey! No way! I saw you at the corner — I saw you on the front of the Sunday Times!'”

A stroll on a sunny Sunday is something we surely all enjoy, and Palberta turn that free feeling into pop bliss on “Corner Store”. Their guitars are still scrappy, but with a swaying whimsy that perfectly couples with their three-part harmonies to evoke a balmy afternoon with a perfect breeze. Lyrically, they don’t have to go anywhere complex, and they match the lighthearted atmosphere with a simple story of seeing a friend on the cover of a newspaper, before meeting the person themselves in the very same corner store – a charming little tale that’s perfectly rendered in Palberta’s sing-song brilliance.

The video for “Corner Store” continues the lovable atmosphere, with the trio jamming on a sidewalk and reading the newspaper.

Palberta’s new album Palberta5000 comes out on January 22 through Wharf Cat. You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.