Lily Konigsberg flirts with post-punk on cheeky new single “Proud Home”

“Hey, here’s another,” Lily Konigsberg‘s hushed voice remarks in the first few seconds of her new single “Proud Home”. It’s pretty easy to interpret this as a fourth-wall-break message towards the listener, something Konigsberg has been known to do. The Brooklynite DIY phenom has been unspeakably prolific again in 2021: another record with longtime pals Palberta, a compilation album, and an EP with My Idea, a new project she formed with equally productive pop renegade Nate Amos, one half of Water From Your Eyes.

Amidst all that unbroken creativity, it’s hard to believe that Konigsberg’s upcoming LP Lily We Need To Talk Now is actually her official debut album. Buoyed once again with her signature infectious pop chops, “Proud Home” borrows equally from the post-punk sensibility of The Cure as the unvarnished songwriting of Liz Phair. Listen below.


This song was inspired by a fictional story I made up in my dreams about my mom being Stacy’s mom,” Konigsberg comments. “It’s a song dedicated to Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, who passed away from Covid at the very beginning of the pandemic. I have always loved Stacy’s Mom so much and after his death, realized he wrote a ton of his songs that I really love. Appreciation for a pop ghostwriter.

Lily We Need To Talk Now will be released on October 29 on Wharf Cat. You can preorder the album on the Wharf Cat website. Follow Lily Konigsberg on Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.