Lily Konigsberg channels life’s frustrations into the playfully cathartic “Sweat Forever”

Lily Konigsberg recently shared “That’s The Way I Like It”, the first single from her debut solo album Lily We Need To Talk Now, and today she follows it up with the delightful “Sweat Forever”. She says:

“‘Sweat Forever’ was the first song successfully recorded for the album. It’s mostly about the bad part of going through a huge change in your life and the confusion surrounding that. But now I’m in the good part, so there’s something to celebrate. Sweat on brother!

Konigsberg’s music is always packed with charm and playfulness, and that doesn’t change on “Sweat On”, even though there is upheaval and stress in the words. With a golden acoustic guitar running through its core, “Sweat Forever” evokes classic alt-pop of the early 2000s, while gliding synths and a buoyant bassline bring it shimmering into the present. Konigsberg’s voice flits around in this balmy atmosphere, taking on the world and all its aches and strains – “you wind me up like a crooked tree” – meanwhile finding solace in the stars above and the fact that “I’m alive / you aren’t any better.” Konigsberg weaves her way through melodies and stresses, and, ultimately, “Sweat Forever” reaches a gently cathartic conclusion; the beat drops out and she repeats the refrain of “I’m right here / Is that what you wanted?” with the emphasis and positivity of someone who knows they’ve got a whole life of new discoveries ahead of them – and nobody’s gonna stand in their way.

Listen to “Sweat Forever” below or on streaming platforms.

Lily We Need To Talk Now comes out on October 29 through Wharf Cat (pre-order/save). You can find Lily Konigsberg on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.