Photo: Dora Paphides

On Deck: Molly Burman discusses five songs that influenced her debut EP

North London singer-songwriter Molly Burman is still young, but has the voice and musical intelligence of someone who’s been in the game for a while. The word ‘precocious’ doesn’t cut it, and might even be patronising – this is a young woman who is entirely self-possessed and, while she might not yet know what she wants (who does?), she knows entirely what she doesn’t. In her singles so far, she’s put hapless young men in their place on “Fool Me With Flattery”, told off sex pests in “Debt”, and come to appreciate her own company in “Everytime”. While many might take these topics in a more dour musical direction, Burman always ensures her songs are jam-packed with fun and character.

She brings it all to fruition with the release of her debut EP, Fool Me With Flattery, which arrives tomorrow, August 20. We wanted to know more about the songs and styles that have shaped and soundtracked her experiences and music so far, and she’s duly obliged with some interesting choices. Picking from movies, TV or her dad’s records, the selections are quite interesting, and perhaps a lot less contemporary than one might expect for someone whose music is so fresh.

Take a look below, but first enjoy the excellent video for Molly Burman’s own “Debt”.

Maxi Priest – “Love Train”

[Virgin; 1986]

I first heard this song when me and my friend Daisy were going through my dad’s old records. The train sound in the intro immediately caught our attention and we were very pleasantly surprised. “Love Train” instantly became our go-to summer song, every time I listen to it I feel really happy and warm. 

David Bowie – “Magic Dance”

[EMI; 1986]

This song is from one of my favourite films, Labyrinth. I had the film on video tape and would watch it religiously, the scene with this song was my favourite. When I listen to it I feel so nostalgic, it’s also great to dance to. 

Shirley & Company – “Shame Shame Shame”

[Philips; 1975]

I’m a massive fan of disco, and this song is an instant ‘jump on the dance floor song’. I’m my happiest when I’m dancing and not caring what people think, and that’s what this song makes me feel like. It also always reminds me if the dance scene from the film Pride, which always makes me cry happy tears. 

Lucius – “Until We Get There”

[2013; Mom + Pop]

I discovered this song pretty recently, it was playing in a very emotional scene in New Girl and I instantly looked it up. This song is the soundtrack to my 2021 summer, it reminds me of running in to the freezing cold sea, watching sunsets and being with the people I love. The chorus has no lyrics, just “oos”, but for some reason they hold so many words to me. 

Kimbra – “Settle Down”

[Warner Bros.; 2012]

The first time I watched this music video, I was absolutely hypnotised. I thought the way Kimbra danced weirdly and stared at the camera was just the coolest thing ever. I had this song on my mp3 player and would always rock out to it on long car journeys. This song really helped me see how expressive music can be, and it’s also great to dance to!

Molly Burman’s Fool Me With Flattery EP arrives tomorrow, August 20 through Prolifica Inc.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.