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On Deck: Regressive Left pick their Songs to Soundtrack the Revolution

With only three officially released tracks to their name, Regressive Left have already proven themselves as one of the most intriguing emerging acts, and have done so without settling into one mould or style. You get the feeling this is something they’ll like to maintain for as long as possible – ideally remaining inscrutable throughout their career.

What is undoubted is their political passion and dissatisfaction, from the band’s name and through to their screeds against capitalism and corrupt figures. Despite this, their songs always have an undeniably danceable element to them. It makes sense, then, that for their On Deck they’ve decided to pick five ‘Songs to Soundtrack the Revolution’ – you get the feeling that their ethos in the studio is to make songs that fit this description.

The five tracks they’ve picked, though, don’t necessarily sound like what we’ve heard from Regressive Left – so far. At this fertile stage in their development, they could still go in any direction, and these selections suggest they’ve got a broad range of influences guiding them.

Ahead of their picks, enjoy Regressive Left’s own “Take The Hit”.

You can find ‘Regressive Left’s Songs To Soundtrack The Revolution’ playlist here on Spotify.

Irreversible Entanglements – “Who Sent You? – Ritual”

[International Anthem; 2020]

A carnivalesque and menacing free-jazz epic written in protest of police brutality, and a reminder that, to overthrow the core institutions of the capitalist state, the first priority is abolishing the police system.

Tim Maia – “Let’s Have A Ball Tonight”

[Seroma; 1976]

After a long day’s struggle, this smouldering call to arms reminding us that ‘love is really the answer’ is just what a battle-worn revolutionary needs to take stock and remember what’s at stake.

clipping. – “Looking Like Meat” (feat. Ho99o9)

[Sub Pop; 2020]

Hands up if you hungry / Hands up if you want some / Hands up if you ready for more / ‘Cause you ain’t really got none.

Dick Gaughan – “The World Turned Upside Down”

[Topic; 1981]

Every five-act drama has a Dark Night of the Soul – the nadir for our revolutionary protagonists, when all seems lost. At this point, we recommend the dulcet tones of Scottish socialist Dick Gaughan and his tribute to the Diggers, proto-anarchists who “defied the landlords” and railed against the “sin of property.”

David Bowie – “”Heroes””

[RCA; 1977]

Bowie’s song about love bypassing the Berlin Wall feels a little bittersweet today, where borders are springing up like mushrooms around the world. What better song to celebrate a border-free world, post-global revolution, than “Heroes”?


Listen to ‘Regressive Left’s Songs to Soundtrack the Revolution’ playlist on Spotify.

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