On Deck: Luna Luna choose five songs that influenced their new album, Flower Moon

Luna Luna craft the sort of music that can withstand the scorching summer. There’s good reason: they hail from scorching Dallas, Texas. Meeting by seemingly chance encounters, the foursome felt naturally drawn to each other, and every note of their music displays their dynamic friendship. They deal in breezy, irresistible songs as fit for a barroom dance floor as a pensive evening walk through a quiet desert. They’ve just released their sophomore album, Flower Moon, this past Friday, which you can support via Bandcamp or your favorite streaming service today. To celebrate the occasion they’ve shared with us five songs that impacted and influenced the album.

To kick things off, check out their latest single, the anthem that is “Feel It Now.”

The Isley Brothers – “At Your Best (You Are Love)”

[T-Neck; 1976]

At a studio session, we somehow ended up bringing up this track and how we thought it was such a perfect song. It’s one of those songs that makes you feel like you’re floating and like everything is alright. The very next day after we talked about this we ended making our song “Call Me Up”. We wanted to make a slow love song with lots of real instrumentation. Shout out, The Isley Brothers.

Tyler, the Creator – “Pothole” (feat. Jaden Smith)

[Columbia; 2017]

One day we were listening to this song and heard something we hadn’t noticed before. Towards the end, these pianos come in that have a very distinct sound. Next time we were recording we tried recreating that sound and ended up using those pianos in our song “One Thing”. The song is a very fun summer tune. It’s those sun-kissed pianos that did the job.

Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”

[Brainfeeder; 2013]

A song meant to keep you up long after the party’s over. When the good times just can’t leave you, you’ll wanna just live it up all night. This song has severe amounts of funk and inspired us to make “Early Morning”. It’s a party song with a lot of funk.

Prince – “Do Me, Baby”

[Warner Bros.; 1981]

When you’re in love, anything that reminds you of them just makes sense, plus it’s sexy. This song made us want to make our opening track “Flower Moon”. It’s just a very intimate song that talks directly to who the song is about.

Daft Punk – “Give Life Back to Music”

[Columbia; 2013]

We really love the whole Random Access Memories album and it definitely inspired the guitar in our song “Golden”. It’s funky and fun.

Luna Luna’s new album Flower Moon is out now.

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