Gorillaz and Thundercat team up for a horror-tinged floor filler in “Cracker Island”

The virtual band with a cult following, Gorillaz, are back with the dance-floor-ready banger of a track “Cracker Island”. Joined by contemporary bass legend Thundercat and the pop-production virtuoso Greg Kurstin (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, The Shins), the outfit brings the summer anthem of this year (at least for indie discos).

The band’s 2D says: “It’s nice to be back, I’m well into our new tune, it brings back weird and scary memories of stuff that hasn’t happened yet.”

“Cracker Island” is a massive left turn from frontman Damon Albarn’s latest solo record, but, then again, this is why he is involved in so many musical acts — to give rise to his many musical inclinations. This single is beautifully aided by Thundercat’s funky bass part, which brings energy to quite a grim composition. While the beats pulsate in a way that induce dancing, the lyrics are quite ominous, which in a way fits the mood of the modern world. Regardless, “Cracker Island”, is one of the most dance-ready Gorillaz tracks; they are playing on the contrast between grimness and joyous body movement.

The sudden release of the single alongside their initiation of the enigmatic ‘The Last Cult’ (with Murdoc appointed as ‘Great Leader’) bring an atmosphere of a horror film, where small pieces of some terrifying truth are gradually revealed. The band are building suspense, but what the suspense is for? We have yet to find out.

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