Photo: Vitaboy

Norwegian singer-songwriter Red Moon releases bracing, irresistible new single “Gut Feeling”

The songs of Red Moon practically throb with life. The Norwegian-Swiss artist delves into emotional worlds of turmoil and self-actualization, and her latest single, “Gut Feeling”, is her boldest statement yet.

Opening with gentle but encompassing notes and distantly pounding drums, it’s her voice itself that pierces through the nether to dominate the soundscape. Speaking on the song’s genesis – and its great importance to her – Red Moon reflects:

I first wrote Gut Feeling back in 2019 with Odd Martin. It was during the time I wrote Gut Feeling that I decided to change my artist name to Red Moon. I knew it was a leap into the unknown and a big decision to make. It allowed me to come back to a blank canvas, which in turn gave me new opportunities to express myself who I am. Today, I like to think that the track could be about manifestations; a reminder to listen to your instincts. To be open for change as well as embracing older parts of yourself as you let them go.”

That sense of freedom, and inevitable, accompanying mixture of fear and elation, are keenly present throughout “Gut Feeling”. The song pulsates and revolves, building with each aching moment and additional musical layer, all before gradually giving way to an ethereal and even mournful fade out. To put it lightly, it’s something to behold.

Check the song out below via its visualizer or listen to it on streaming platforms.

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