Photo: Molly Daniel

Nilüfer Yanya rises above negativity on the powerful “midnight sun”

It’s been a tortuous wait for a single to follow up the excellent “stabilise”, but today Nilüfer Yanya finally gifts us a second glimpse of her forthcoming album PAINLESS. It’s called “midnight sun” and she reveals:

“It’s a song about recognising what it feels like to be pushed down but wanting to resist. I really like the imagery of ‘midnight sun’ as a lyric as it insinuates a light guiding you through darkness. The wings carry their own symbolism – freedom, lightness, flight, fantasy… If I could pick what people saw and heard it would be: seeing the beauty of confrontation and the necessity of rebellion.” 

Although full of grisly images of blood and bones, “midnight sun” hovers and ascends on a rhythmic guitar line, perfectly supporting Yanya’s assertions of confidence and overcoming, not letting the negativity tether her to the ground. There’s certainly inflections of 90s alt rock in there, especially as she hits some thorny patches and comes through them with the help of some extra fuzzed-up guitars. A song that encapsulates the maturity, poise and wisdom that young singer has come to acquire in recent years, “midnight sun” is a blast of sheer potential and power from Nilüfer Yanya.

Listen to “midnight sun” below or on streaming platforms.

PAINLESS will be released through ATO on March 4 (pre-order/save). You can find Nilüfer Yanya on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.