Photo: Shervin Lainez

JOSEPH release radiant pop anthem “The Sun”

JOSEPH are a trio of Oregonians: twins Allison and Meegan Closner and sister Natalie Closner Schepman. Their new single “The Sun” makes my short list of Killer Choruses of the 2020s because it erupts like a solar flare.

The band name is a nod to Joseph, Oregon, where the sisters frequently camped in their youth. JOSEPH have a big worldwide following, and their last single “Nervous System” has already garnered more than 1.5 million streams.

If you think that pop anthems are going out of style, one spin of “The Sun” will convince you otherwise. The song’s video matches the intensity of the track, thanks to several well-choreographed wardrobe changes.

Says Meegan: “Many times I have found myself in a position where I’m stuck in cycles of negative self-talk – times when I have seen myself as bad and struggle seeing any other possible truth. This song is my higher self speaking to that me. It’s me reminding myself that I am more than I think I am.” 

“The Sun” is the title track of JOSEPH’s new album, due April 28, for which the trio enlisted help from songwriting partners like Tayla Parx and Wynne Bennett, who have penned hits for artists like Ariana Grande and Janelle Monae.

Like their new single, JOSEPH may soon be the most dazzling energy-source in our solar system.

Watch the video for “The Sun” below, or find it on the streaming services.

JOSEPH’s The Sun releases April 28 on ATO Records (pre-order/save).

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