Molly Daniel

Nilüfer Yanya releases sizzling PJ Harvey-cover “Rid Of Me”

Those who have seen Nilüfer Yanya perform live these past couple of months have already heard her sizzling rendition of PJ Harvey’s classic “Rid Of Me”. Today, the London-based artist finally unveiled a recorded version.

Yanya remains true of the spirit of the original while making the song entirely her own. Her enchanting vocal style seamlessly adapts Polly’s barely-keeping-it-together mania, not to mention her distinct rhythm playing. Even within Yanya’s sparkly indie rock stylings adding a more crisp vibe opposite the festering Steve Albini-recording, the song doesn’t give away any of its bruised intensity.

“Rid of Me” haunted me for many years after I first heard it, but in a comforting kind of way, like I knew it was always there for me. It comes across defiant, alien and twisted, but it is a perfect song. I actually think it’s very romantic despite what some of the lyrics get at,” Yanya says in the press release.

Her version of “Rid Of Me” follows the release of second album PAINLESS, which was released on ATO Records. Read our review here and check out our Q&A with Yanya back in March.

Behold “Rid Of Me” below and on streaming services.

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