Photo: Driely S

Nick Hakim drifts through the murky bliss of “Happen”, announces new LP

Nick Hakim turned heads with his 2017 debut, Green Twins. Its tasteful offering of psychedelic soul delved into corners just outside the limits of the genre.

Since then, he’s continued to grow as an artist, but it’s clear he’s ready to make his biggest jump yet with his just announced new album, Cometa. The Spanish word for kite, Cometa drifts through tales of love, yearning, and sheer bliss. The tracks of the album are guided by what Hakim feels is a nearly out-of-body experience, of self-actualization and more, as he explains, “The key is to find that extremity of love for yourself. It’s about growing into someone you want to be; it’s about finding pure love within yourself when the world around us seems to be crumbling.

Yet, rather than simply write a narrative album, he sees it far more as separate episodes, with each track following its own purpose and outcome, as he reflects: “I think it’s nice to have love in your life and to have people that are sharing and wanting that. It’s my interpretation of a really romantic way to express love in my own way.

The first offering from the project, “Happen”, ventures into somewhat new waters for Hakim, driven by moody, emotive guitar and patient, pattering drums. It also happens to feature Alex G on piano. It tells the story of finding a lover that realigns Hakim’s entire being. It’s a song of grace and acceptance.

Check it out below, along with its reflective video, gazing upon strangers, and their emotional worlds, just as complex as one’s own. Otherwise find “Happen” on streaming platforms.

Cometa will arrive October 21st via ATO Records (pre-order/save). Catch Hakim on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.