Matilda Mann envisions a blissful future on the elegant “Doomsday”

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve surely all had protracted periods of gloom, but with her soothing new single, West London songwriter Matilda Mann is here to assure us that we’re all going to make it through to a brighter day. Introducing “Doomsday”, she says:

‘Doomsday’ was written in December in lockdown. During that time, we really had to cling onto the small things in life, and sometimes it just felt like it was never going to get better. So ‘Doomsday’ was written to help people feel, that during the worst times, things are going to get better. We have each other and the small things that make life good.”

Mann begins the song in a sort of reckless fantasy, “I stole us a car / Spattered and bruised but at least it can move,” she sings, offering an unlikely escape to her partner. This fantastical daydreaming is a recurring theme through “Doomsday”, as Mann imagines a world outside all the doom and gloom, where she and her lover can just wile away the time in bliss. “Before the world is doomed, I hope I get a little life next to you,” she admits, the humbleness of her desire making it all the more tangible and inviting. Her guitar’s caress, the shuffling drums and her mellifluous voice all work beautifully together to transport us to this imagined haven with her. An intimate love song that also offers a glimpse of a shimmering future for everyone, “Doomsday” is the perfect way to end the week.

Listen to “Doomsday” below or on your preferred platform.

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