Matilda Mann braces for the impending breakup on the beautifully anxious “February”

Young British songwriter Matilda Mann released her debut EP last year, but hasn’t rested on her laurels and has continued releasing singles this year, including the wonderful “Doomsday”. She has now confirmed she’ll be releasing a new EP called Sonder in the coming months, and has shared a new single called “February”.

She says: “February is about realising that maybe the time with your person is coming to an end. Sometimes you can both sense it, but neither of you want to say, you just wait around to start that conversation.”

At the core of “February” is Mann’s piano and voice, twirling with sparkling melody and emotion. Around her are caressing vocal loops, giving the song an atmosphere of impending downfall; the calm before the storm. Mann bravely but melancholically faces up to these facts; she’s not hiding from the inevitable split, but she’s still full of lamentation as she admits “we tried to make it work / pretend that it won’t hurt,” but ultimately the writing’s on the wall. It’s a brave thing to call an end to something so meaningful, and even braver to turn it into a silken song and send it out into the world for all to hear – but that’s just the kind of passionate and honest writer, performer and person that Matilda Mann is.

Check out “February” below or on your preferred platform.

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