Photo: Dirk Mai

Beach Weather are a hook factory on new album Pineapple Sunrise

American alt-rock trio Beach Weather have a knack for writing sneaky-great songs that have you firmly in their grasp by the one-minute mark. That’s true once again on their new album Pineapple Sunrise. A perfect example is the title track, a song that has all the charm of Gorillaz and The 1975 right out of the gate.

Commenting on the new album, lead singer Nick Santino says, “When you listen to us, I hope you feel like you discovered something new and fresh. All of our songs are different from one another. We want you to play our music on a long drive through the desert or at the beach relaxing at night. This band is a huge part of my life these days. I think the other guys can relate. We’ve all experienced so much in and out of music. Now, we found our comfort zone with Beach Weather, and we’re just kind of loving it.”

Beach Weather’s 2022 single “Sex, Drugs, Etc.”, which closes out Pineapple Sunrise, has been streamed by one-third of a billion people – the equivalent of the current U.S. population. Not only is it an irresistible track, but the video for the song has singlehandedly made laundromats cool again.

The band recently made its late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which typically helps a group find another gear, like those cars in the Mad Max movies. Pineapple Sunrise is an 11-track treat you don’t want to miss.

Listen to “Pineapple Sunrise” below, or find the full album on the streamers.

Beach Weather’s Pineapple Sunrise album is out now on Arista Records.

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