Photo: Ash Dye

Macie Stewart of Ohmme shares a glistening self-confrontation in “Finally”, announces album

Macie Stewart has perhaps been most in the spotlight as one half of Chicago art-rockers Ohmme, but even if you haven’t heard either of their great records, you’ll likely have heard her arrangements and violin playing on albums by the likes of SZA, Chance The Rapper, Steve Gunn, Whitney… the list goes on. Now she’s bringing all that experience to bear on her first solo album, Mouth Full Of Glass, which comes out on September 24 through Orindal Recordings.

The first song to be shared is the opener, “Finally”, which finds Stewart confronting her own shortcomings. “I’m wrong and I know it / but not willing to show it,” she begins, as gorgeously atmospheric acoustic and synths build a bright and pleasing vista behind her. As she continues down this rabbit hole of self-criticism, her voice remains angelic and the atmosphere just as mellifluous, even as she delivers the cutting line “finally, finally, finally / I learn to tell the truth to myself.” Almost as if in response to this newfound honesty, a drizzle of gorgeous strings flutter in, little flecks of piano dot the air, and the synth becomes subtly more dynamic. It all adds up to a little treasure box of a song, and the ultimate teaser for what should be a delightful record.

Watch the video for “Finally” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Macie Stewart’s Mouth Full Of Glass comes out on September 24 through Orindal Recordings (pre-order). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.