Photo: Nathan Keay

Low are commanding on the combative protest song “More”

With just a few weeks to go until the release of new album HEY WHAT, Low have followed up the towering singles “Days Like These” and “Disappearing” with another emphatic teaser called “More”.

While Low’s words can often leave plenty open to interpretation, “More” is direct and unmistakable in its message. “I gave more than what I should have lost / I paid more than what it would have cost,” Mimi Parker begins in strident fashion, doubling down with the following lines “You have some of what I could have had / I want all of what I didn’t have.” Her angelic voice is in its most powerfully cutting mode, and backed by enormous slabs of distorted guitar, it’s a fearsome proposition. Even when she does away with words and simply sings harmonious “la”s, there’s something unsettling to her insouciance – as if she’s a viper just teasing before she strikes. “More” is only two minutes long, but it leaves a hell of an impression – just like any good protest song.

Low’s new album HEY WHAT arrives on September 10 through Sub Pop. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.