Photo: Nathan Keay

Low explore connection and distance in “Disappearing” and its powerful Dorian Wood-created video

Following on from recent single “Days Like These”, Low have offered us another glimpse of the forthcoming album HEY WHAT with a new single called “Disappearing”.

The combination of Mimi Parker’s radiant voice with Alan Sparhawk’s terrestrial croon, over the crackling, crumbling production that has become their signature is out in full force on “Disappearing”. We find them “somewhere out on the ocean”, while undulating swells of noise buffet like the tides all around. The power of this current keeps growing in force, as the band continue to watch, stoically observing “that ship go out” while knowing there’s “some other ocean at her feet”. It’s cryptic, and yet deeply, deeply resonant, seeming to speak to the immense distances that can exist between people’s souls – and the power of human nature to pull them together again.

The video for “Disappearing” is quite unexpected, but taps into the themes in a profound way. Director and star Dorian Wood says:

“I’ve been doing art modeling on the side for years, mostly for art schools. Once the schools physically shut down due to Covid, I was invited to pose for dozens of virtual classes. I borrowed a friend’s empty guest room and twice a week I would set up my laptop and lights and pose for three hours at a time. During these long stretches of time, I’d lose myself in thought while delivering poses that best showcased all this fat brown beauty. In my mind, I traveled to places and memories, and in the case of “Disappearing”, I not only visited the ocean in my mind, I became it.

Watch the video below.

Low’s new album HEY WHAT arrives on September 10 through Sub Pop. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.