Photo: Tonje Thilesen

Lomelda offers a private piece of herself on “Hannah Sun”

It’s only a few weeks until Lomelda releases her new album Hannah, and having already shared “Wonder” and “It’s Infinite” today she’s delivered one final preview in the form of “Hannah Sun”. Lomelda aka Hannah Read says:

This song was written for 3 maybe 4 listeners to hear. But boomer Hannah forgot how the internet works and performed it on YouTube. Now it is for everyone. I am glad that people want to listen to this song, but I don’t understand why they want to.

You get the feeling that all of Lomelda’s songs are written for only a few people to hear, such is the intimacy of her songwriting, but it only grows in power as it’s spread out into the universe. “Hannah Sun” is a bright and buoyant missive that finds Lomelda traversing the world while her mind remains fixed on someone back at home. Lovely flecks of synth dot around her central melody, almost as if they’re mental cuddles she’s sending and receiving to this far away friend. As “Hannah Sun” reaches its emotional apex, Read sounds strained, but doesn’t allow herself to become overwhelmed, mastering her emotion and channeling it into a quiet catharsis.

Lomelda’s new album Hannah will be out on September 4 through Double Double Whammy. You can follow Lomelda on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.