In this wintry season we mostly call winter, it’s easy to latch onto two kinds of music. The first is the festive kind, or at least something that lets you revel in the occasion of the season – and heaven knows there’s plenty of that on offer for those wanting it. But some of us want to escape the reality of cold, snowy winds and depressingly early night-times. Cue tracks like “Came Without” by Sydney outfit East of Ely which serve as a blissful slice of escape from the weather which will leave your nose cold and your mood a little grey. “Came Without” is only the band’s second single ahead of their debut EP next year, and while it acts as great evidence as to why you should keep an eye out for these guys in 2014, it also serves as a great single in itself. Once it hits it full, glimmering stride at the first chorus, it sweeps you off your feet, like your floating through a warm Australian sky. “Brooklyn’s where i’ll be” goes on of the lines, though, but frankly the location isn’t too important. As said, it’s about the escape, and “Came Without” gives you just that, if not more.