Photo: Michael Wolever

Lily Konigsberg’s new project My Idea delivers sprightly double single “Stay Away Still” / “That’s My Idea”

Lily Konigsberg is an unstoppable songwriting force. Having already released a Palberta album and a solo compilation this year, and with myriad other projects on the go, she’s now teamed up with Nate Amos of Water From Your Eyes for a brand new one called My Idea. The duo have been signed by Hardly Art, who will release their debut EP That’s My Idea on July 30, and today they share two of the five songs, “Stay Away Still” and the title track.

The couplet kicks off with the bouncy “Stay Away Still”, a song the retains the joyful juvenescence of their best work, and even heightens it to a degree. Both Konigsberg and Amos have been creating songs practically since they could talk, and that wonderment comes through in the song’s sunshine swagger, full of various voices and laughter. They even interpolate Flying Lizzards’ “Money” but sweeten it with their innocent twist: “they say the best things in life are free / and you can love me like the birds and bees”, and later admitting “I don’t really care about what people say about me / all I care about is friends and animals and family.” It’s a sparkling lump of sugar in song form.

“That’s My Idea” gets a little overcast and emotional, but not without sacrificing the joyful atmosphere of two talented musicians jamming together, working through their worries in tight unison. A song of passive confrontation, it finds Konigsberg whisper-singing “that’s my idea” repeatedly until its threaded through your cortex irreversibly.

My Idea have created a combo video for the tracks, saying: “We wanted to have an energetic and chaotic video juxtaposed with something more calming and conclusive to demonstrate the eclectic yet cohesive nature of My Idea. The visuals match how the songs make us feel! We both played characterizations of ourselves.”

Watch the clip below or find the songs on streaming platforms.

My Idea’s That’s My Idea EP comes out on July 30 through Hardly Art (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.