Photo: Gina Tratt

Let Bristol instrumental trio Waldo’s Gift worm themselves inside your mind with “The Berlin Tuck”, from their new EP

There seems to be something in the water in Bristol, as a new form of improv-based punk-ish electronic music is coming surging out of there from acts like Giant Swan, SCALPING and Waldo’s Gift. Today, the latter announce their second EP, Normflex, which follows on from last year’s The Hut and will arrive on October 29 through Black Acre Records.

Speaking on its germination, the trio reveal: “The Normflex EP is a sonic confluence of all of the uncertainty, nostalgia, anger and grief each one of us has experienced in the last year... For us the writing of this EP became a refuge from a world in chaos and a space in which we could affirm our creative autonomy. The whole process also carried with it an air of humour, curiosity and play which each of us came to be deeply grateful for at a time when these things were a scarce resource for most people.”

Today they share lead single “The Berlin Tuck”, saying: “The Berlin Tuck channels the aggression of early System of a Down meets Aphex Twin, after extensive downtime allowed us fall back in love with these early influences of ours.”

Imposing and frantic at once, “The Berlin Tuck” lurches on giant stomps of synth bass, while rapid fire drumming and electrifying guitar work scuttle all around its ankles. Constantly rushing forward, Waldo’s Gift take momentary pauses, only to double down on their instrumental prowess and launch back into their slipstream with added determination and energy. Across the four minutes of “The Berlin Tuck”, Waldo’s Groove just keep upping the ante, but keep delivering on the promise with more nimble creativity, until the song reaches a head-spinning, hip-shoving finale of monstrous brilliance.

Watch the video for “The Berlin Tuck” below or listen on streaming platforms.

Waldo’s Gift’s Normflex EP comes out on October 29 through Black Acre (pre-save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.