Lav yearns for a dark and dramatic romance on “Wavvy”

Rising Californian singer and songwriter Lav caught the attention of many, including Billie Eilish, with her previous single “From Me, The Moon”, and she’s set to bring even more into her thrall with new song and video “Wavvy”.

The new song is a far-cry from the lo-fi recording of “From Me, The Moon”, but “Wavvy” still courts an intense intimacy. Lav describes it as a “hoe anthem”, but “Wavvy” has a lot more depth than that, as it finds the singer dwelling on missed opportunity and deep-set desire while dark synths luxuriously spread across the track. While “Wavvy” is a song of disappointment, there’s more than a hint of desire and magnetism in it, suggesting that Lav is just waiting for the next opportunity, which she’s not going to miss.

The video for “Wavvy” is a vampire-esque look at modern physical craving, created with Marielle Boland. Watch below.

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