Photo: Rosie Carney

Rosie Carney announces full album cover of Radiohead’s classic The Bends, listen to her version of “Bones”

Yep. None other than Rosie Carney dared to do that. Recording in quarantine, largely on her on her bedroom floor with GarageBand, she covered nothing less than Radiohead’s The Bends. In its entirety. While many of us talked of learning a language or writing a novel during lockdown, she actually went ahead with a project – and it’s a flying success.

To call it a bold move would be rather than understatement, but the material comes totally naturally to the Irish singer-songwriter. The fact that’s she managed to bring a take on such a classic that feels genuinely fresh, allowing for new takes on such heralded material, is no small feat. Indeed, it’s a damn massive one.

She has opted to lead with her version of “Bones”, which may not be the most obvious choice, but was crucial in the process. She says:

“I recorded “Bones” the day before I flew home to spend the rest of lockdown with my family in Ireland. I listened to it nonstop as I travelled from my flat in London into the middle of nowhere. Every single line resonated with me on such a deep level and after this one I became far more confident in how I wanted the songs to sound if they were mine.”

Watch the video for “Bones” below.

Look out for Rosie Carney’s take on The Bends come December 11 via Color Study (pre-order). It is a thing of true, timeless beauty, rest assured.

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