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Rosie Carney seeps through the reflective, striking “Tidal Wave”

“The water is high, and I’m getting older,” are the opening words of Rosie Carney’s latest single, “Tidal Wave”. Suffice to say, you know she didn’t come to play. Boasting her intimate brand of bruised folk at its wounded, wistful, and reflective best.

It’s nothing without some sense of hope, however, or, at the very least, a certain type of perseverance, as she declares, amidst it all, “I’m gonna love you anyway.”

As Carney reflects, the song is about “abandonment issues… It’s about the lonely ache you feel when you realise you’re starting to drift away from someone, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening.

She continues, “I remember being a kid and desperately overanalysing and trying to change who I was in an attempt to cling on to whoever I was drifting away from. The song is both a desperate plea and also an acute awareness of needing to let go and move on.

Boasting a video that drafts between stark real-life imagery and dreamlike animation, it’s a sight to behold. Check it out below.

Rosie Carney’s i wanna feel happy comes out on May 27 through Color Study. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.