Kraków Loves Adana revel in synth gloom on “The Ocean Between Us”

Kraków Loves Adana are the Hamburg-based duo signed to Italians Do It Better, and they have just announced that they’ll be releasing a new album this summer called Darkest Dreams. No certainty on when that will be released, but today they share “The Ocean Between Us”, singer Deniz Çiçek saying:

“I wrote this song last summer, stuck at home, scrolling through people’s fancy holiday pictures, realizing that I am not a summer person, never was, never will be. This song is for all you goths with that summertime sadness.“ 

At this time when we’re trying our hardest to stay inside while the sun taunts us outside, and we’re scrolling through holiday pictures from two years ago, we can all connect with “The Ocean Between Us”. There’s a heaviness, sure, but Kraków Loves Adana’s synths glow in the dark, the spacious production giving us the feeling of receding into our minds. “The Ocean Between Us” is the sound of relinquishing the physical world and using our internal abilities to transport us happily skipping to another cosmos.

Listen to “The Ocean Between Us” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

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