Photo: Kim Hiorthøy

Kelly Lee Owens shares meditative techno track “Night”

Kelly Lee Owens was due to release her second album Inner Song in the coming weeks, but what with one thing and another the release date has now been pushed to August 28. A damn shame, there’s no doubt, but at least we have the excellent new track “Night”. About the song, KLO says:

This track speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime – how the veils are thinner somehow and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts true desires. I wanted to release this track as a gift to you during this crazy time, to give a part of my heart to you all.”

Further honing the techno tendencies she so lovingly expressed on her self-titled debut album, “Night” hovers like an antigravitational orb, both propulsive and transfixing. Owens’ voice beckons with a simplistic mantra, calling for us to join her in a spiritual dance, even when we can’t physically all be together.

Look out for Kelly Lee Owens’ new album Inner Song, incoming on August 28 via Smalltown Supersound.