Photo: Josie Hall

Kelly Lee Owens declares emergency with thunderous new tracks “Sonic 8” and “Olga”, from her new album

Welsh producer Kelly Lee Owens has announced her third album LP.8 will be out on April 29 (digitally) and June 10 (physically). Having also created the theme song for this summer’s Women’s World Cup, her profile is surely about to skyrocket.

While the title LP.8 makes it sound like Owens’ eighth album, she says: “For me, 8 meant completion – an album that will ripple infinitely with me personally.” 

Along with the album announcement, Owens has shared a couple of tracks, “Sonic 8” and “Olga”. The album was created with Lasse Marhaug (Merzbow, Sunn O))), Jenny Hval), whose influence is certainly detectable on the more droning and doomier impact of the songs. In “Sonic 8”, Owens monotone voice declares emergency, without being specific about what kind – but the alarm-like production and the song’s crumbling foundations let you know it’s one we should all be panicked about. We all know there are countless emergencies occurring simultaneously in the world currently, and this is a new anthem for our times. “Olga” is the calm down from the panic of “Sonic 8”, a spectral wordless vocal guiding us to a place of peace – although the deep bass stabs suggest more doom is just over the horizon.

Check out both songs below or on your preferred platform.

Kelly Lee Owens’ new album LP.8 is out on April 29 (digitally) and June 10 (physically) through Smalltown Supersound (pre-order/save). You can find Kelly Lee Owens on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.