Photo: Josefine Cardoni

Juliana Madrid brings special magic to “Satisfied”

Juliana Madrid’s new single “Satisfied” is arguably the Best Pop Chorus of the 2020s. And I would have sworn that the sensational bass part was provided by Paul McCartney, but it was actually supplied by The Knocks’ James Patterson.

“This song is me bitterly reflecting on a drunken interaction with someone I met at a party with unrequited interest,” says the artist.

“Satisfied” is just one of many highlights on Jules’ new EP Afterlife, which is out today. It was produced by Grammy winner Ben Ruttner, the other half of The Knocks.

Jules elaborates on the song’s development: “I remember coming up with the main progression in the chorus and humming the melody over it when I had a moment to myself in Ben’s basement studio. I brought it to him the next day and we spent the entire day sitting on his living room carpet filling in the blanks, finding the right words and meaning. Recording the skeleton of the song was a really fun process and one of my favorite things is the backup vocals and claps Ben and I did that turned into this little janky but very cute sample throughout the song. The thing that really made this song next level to me though is when James [Patterson aka JPatt] came in and shredded the bass line. It’s so sick and really made it feel like a thing. I love this song.”

The Texas-born artist directed the video for “Satisfied”, which includes a memorable dance sequence with a gigantic teddy bear.

Next month, Madrid embarks on a West Coast tour supporting SAINT MOTEL, then plays the All Things Go Festival in Columbia, Maryland on Oct. 1 alongside legends boygenius, Ethel Cain and MUNA.

Watch the video for “Satisfied” below or find the full Afterlife EP on the streaming services.

Juliana Madrid’s new EP Afterlife is out now on Neon Gold Records.

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