Jessi handily steals the show in Psy’s frenetic new performance video for “GANJI”

Ever since Korean superstar Psy established P Nation, he’s made it a home for artists either neglected or abused by the industry, taking in Hyuna and Dawn following the absurd controversy surrounding their relationship, not to mention signing the absolute firebrand that is Jessi.

For his latest album, he brings her along for what’s no doubt one of the catchiest, bossiest tracks to be found there. Now, they’ve shared a performance video for the track, and while it’s no doubt still (and always) Psy with the moves, it’s Jessi’s atomic verse that truly steals the show.

Flowing seamlessly between Korean and English as usual, she cruelly spits, “Hunnid for the shows and the clothes / They tryna pay me / Don’t see eye to eye / You just some bitch tryna delay me / Hate me, hate me, I’m doper than the eighties / All these bitches tryna bite me / Like they got the rabies.”

Suffice to say, as always, Jessi makes her presence known. Check it all out below.