Korean rapper Jessi absolutely eviscerates the competition with “Cold Blooded” – and brings dance crew SWF along

Jessi has never been one to give into opposition. She’ll take you out long before she’ll sit down to hear her name dragged through the mud. With a (truly) outsized Jersey (where she was raised) personality and attitude that’s both won her a serious fanbase and brought her needless drama in Korea, she’s learned to defend herself at all costs.

Ever since joining forces with Psy and his label, P Nation, she’s been on an absolute tear, reaching new heights of success, and dropping absolutely dominant songs along the way.

Her latest, “Cold Blooded”, is far from an exception, as she takes anyone – and everyone – who has a problem with her to task. Her signature one-liners are on full display – “You’s a nobody with nobody“, “I got the crown, you cannot play on my ground” – as is her winking raunchiness (“my kimchi’s so delicious“). We all know what you mean, Jessi.

The video for the song is also a rather grand gesture of good will: Jessi herself doesn’t appear until the track’s final bit, allowing the lion’s share of the visuals to go to the SWF dance crew. Suffice to say, they make the most of the opportunity with a veritably breathtaking display of talent and indomitable energy.

Check it out below and, lord willin’, stay tuned for more from Jessi very soon.